How To Install WordPress on Hostinger? Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

This post is for you if you don’t know how to install WordPress on Hostinger. We will walk our visitors through the process of installing WordPress in their Hostinger Account step-by-step.


As you are aware, there are numerous hosting companies available for you to set up WordPress websites, but not all of them are reliable and reasonably priced.


Thus, Hostinger is without a doubt the greatest web host for configuring a WordPress website. It offers the greatest protection and services at a reasonable and inexpensive cost. To be honest, you won’t find services like Hostinger anywhere else if money is tight.


WordPress may be installed on Hostinger in two ways

  1. Purchasing Hostinger WordPress hosting automatically (Recommended)
  2. Using the Auto Installer approach (the most popular)

Above two methods are covered in detail in this Hostinger WordPress tutorial.


Starting a website with Hostinger and installing WordPress on it is a simple and quick process.

Yes, setting up your Hostinger account and installing WordPress takes a few minutes.

Without further delay, let’s get started with our WordPress installation on Hostinger.


Method 1: WordPress Installation on Hostinger WordPress Hosting


If you haven’t already tried Hostinger WordPress Hosting, you should. Because it would simplify WordPress installation using a one-click installer. This is the most user-friendly option for proceeding with WordPress installation on Hostinger.


WP hosting is priced the same as shared hosting. Hostinger WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is more optimized for WordPress CMS and would be a fantastic alternative for individuals primarily focused on WordPress websites.


Moving on to the main point of this essay, WordPress installation on Hostinger.


Before you begin with WP installation on Hostinger, you must first obtain Hostinger’s web hosting.


After purchasing Hostinger hosting, please ensure you have the login ID and password to access their HPanel.

If you need to buy and install Hostinger, you must complete all steps. If you already have Hostinger’s web hosting, skip to point number 5.


Step 1: Go to Hostinger.


The first thing you should do is open your browser and go to the Hostinger website.


Step 2: Choose a Hosting Plan


The following step in installing WordPress is to choose a web hosting provider. Hostinger provides several web hosting plans such as Shared, Cloud, and WordPress Hosting.


To offer you an example, we choose WordPress hosting, and the following step is for you to choose a web hosting package.

As seen in the image below, the most popular hosting option “WordPress Premium” costs only $2.99

Click on the Add to Cart button and you’ll be taken to the billing page. Have a look below for billing page details;

Step 3: Install WordPress in Your Hosting Account.

Okay, now that you’ve paid for your hosting, you’re only a few clicks away from installing WordPress.

You now understand why we prefer Hostinger for WordPress. We’ll show you how to install WordPress on Hostinger. Even if you’re a newbie, the entire process takes only a few minutes and is EASY.

So, take a big breath and prepare to go on your dream journey to creating a profitable WordPress blog.

The first step is to log into Hostinger’s hPanel and locate the hosting account that you recently purchased. Make use of the username and password you just made for yourself, as well as the email you received after making the purchase.

This is how it appears;

As you can see above, when you purchase a WordPress Premium plan, you will receive a FREE domain. To obtain your free domain, click the Claim domain button.

In order to complete the domain registration procedure, make sure you provide your information, including name, address, email, etc.

Take a look;

Hostinger will give you a domain at no cost after it’s finished.

The most crucial step now begins as you set up your hosting account.

Click the Setup option to view your current hosting plan (for this tutorial, we’re using the “WordPress Premium” plan).It will ask you to add plugins to your website in the following stage.

You can choose to proceed with this step or skip it

Then, Hostinger will ask you to pick a FREE theme for your website (optional choice).

As you can see above, you may either skip this step or select your preferred layout.


Your domain details will be displayed in the following stage; if it is registered with Hostinger, select it; if not, utilize an already-registered name.

We have already chosen and obtained a FREE domain from Hostinger.


Hostinger then displays essential information to you, looking like this:

Upon selecting the “Finish setup” button, WordPress will be installed immediately on the domain of your choice, along with a free SSL certificate.


This is how it appears:

Within a minute, it will finish the automatic setup and you’re done!

Just launch your website and begin blogging.


If SSL isn’t already installed on your domain, you can install it yourself by going to Hostinger’s SSL area. This is how it appears:

Welcome to your blogging!


Isn’t it easy and straightforward to install WordPress on Hostinger in this way? You can now begin developing and designing your WordPress website.

Method 2: How to Install WordPress on Hostinger Shared Hosting via Auto Installer

Step 1: Login to Hostinger Account


Step 2: Find Auto Installer

The Hostinger dashboard will display the details of the configured hosting and domain names after you log in. Under the hosting area, tap the “Manage” button.

You can move through your hosting hPanel by clicking the Manage button. Locate “Auto Installer” under the Website tab on the left.


Step 3: Select the WordPress CMS and Install It

Inside Auto Installer, you will see a lot of CMS options. Make sure to tap on the select button under the WordPress CMS.

After choosing WordPress, all you need to enter are these login credentials:

  • Title of Website 
  • Admin email (for WordPress login)
  • Password and admin user name
  • WordPress version (please choose the most recent version) preferred language

Click the “Install button” after completing the WordPress installation form. Using Hostinger Auto Installer, you can install WordPress in this manner.

Step 4: Go to the WordPress Admin Panel

After the installation is complete, all you need to do is select the WordPress > Overview tab from the left sidebar and click the “WordPress Admin Panel” button to open the WordPress dashboard.

A helpful tip: Just put wp-admin after your site URL to quickly access WordPress. For example,

That’s all

We hope that after reading this post, you will understand the significance of WordPress and be able to use it on your own without the assistance of a professional.

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